A Kiss Before You Go

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A Kiss Before You Go

Katzenjammer´s ”A Kiss Before You Go” was released in Germany September 9th and went straight to #7 on the German album charts.
So, do as the Germans, pre-order your copy of ”A Kiss Before  You Go” through Platekompaniet, and receive it on or before the Norwegian release Oct 7th.

Check out the first review from Norway in Dagsavisen or enjoy these young girls´take on the new Katzenjammer album.

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  • Martijn October 27, 2011

    Great! I tried to listen to the album on Spotify, but Spotify tells me the album is not (yet?) available in The Netherlands. Do you know if it will be released in The Netherlands soon too? And do you know if it will also be available on Spotify then?

    Best regards,
    Martijn Senden.

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