About Us

The simple philosophy of Propeller Recordings is to release music that truly deserves to be heard. The people at Propeller Recordings pride themselves in the fact that their artists are the main focus and our core business is the finding, the development and the marketing of musical talent. We aim to work closely with our artists in all fields of their careers, helping them to fulfill the potential in their music and artistic work, creating a long term career for themselves.

Our catalogue is diverse and we see no limits for what we can work with, as long as the music sounds good. We focus on music we feel can have a life also outside of Norway and our artists have been released in over 20 countries world wide.

Where ever we find fans who want to embrace great music, we seek to give it to them.

What we do

Propeller Recordings is a record label, a publishing company and a management agency. According to how we see it fit, we work with our artists in every segment, to get the most out of our own and our artists time, effort and investments.
We work closely with Sony ATV Publishing and have a strong team of partners in UK, GSA and the US, including distributors, press and promo agents, booking and synch contacts.

Demo Policy

We do accept demos and we try to listen to everything we receive. If you wish to submit your music, please use our dropbox system below.
When submitting a demo, please understand that we are only a handful of people, already receiving a great amount of demos and we therefore do not have the capacity to reply to everyone who send us their music. We wil contact you if we’re interested.

Send us your demo