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Title: Featherbrain
Cat.no: PRR51
Releasedate:Feb 17th (GSA), Feb 20th (WW), Feb 24th (NO) 2012




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Frithjof Hungnes

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Ampersand PR c/o Jim Johnstone

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With Hanne Hukkelberg you never know what you get, just that it’s experimental, cinematic and melodic.
In 2010 she toured with Wilco, and this was also the year she moved to New York to write new material.
The result is Featherbrain, Hukkelberg’s fourth album, to be released world wide February 2012.

Listen to Hanne Hukkelberg – Noah

Hukkelberg’s music has always been about personal sound. This has given her great artistic freedom to move effortlessly between genres, and her three previous albums are defined by utterly distinct soundscapes: debut Little Things (2005) was eccentric and adventurous, second offering Rykestrasse 68 (2007) warm and lyrical, and third album Blood From A Stone (2009) explored a huge, romantic indie rock canvas inspired by the likes of Cocteau Twins, Pixies, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth. The otherworldly take on pop, jazz and art rock has given Hukkelberg two nominations for the Norwegian Grammy, mulitple tours and a wide audience internationally.Combining the noisy guitars and heavy rhythms of Blood From A Stone, the stripped-down, lyrical lightness from Rykestrasse 68, and the weird and quirky sound picture from Little Things, Featherbrain creates a kind of antique pop music, at the same time brittle and soft, powerful and fragile. Hukkelberg explains:”This album feels like the missing link. To understand the previous albums, you need to listen to Featherbrain, and the other way around”.Featherbrain is a risky album. Both dissonant and lyrical, it is music for headphones and notebooks. Its intimate, eccentric sounds demand your intimacy and your eccentricity, and the effort is rewarded: a personal and honest sonic world opens up, in fact, so sincere Hukkelberg had to toughen up to record it. Listen carefully!

“Her voice is ethereal, drifting gently over the rock sounds below but in a missed heartbeat she can turn on the dominatrix inside.” – Andy Snipper, Music-news.com

My Devils – official music video