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Title: Set The House on Fire PRR67/PRR68/PRR72
Releasedate: March 2013



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“I make music that’s always a step ahead of me, and always sounds larger in my head than what ends up on tape. That’s probably a good thing, but the music has also grown a little with time.”

My name is Pål Moddi Knutsen. I am 26 years and come from the island of Senja in Norway. My debut album Floriography was released in 2010 and was nominated for two Norwegian Grammies. The same year I got a scholarship from the Norwegian pop group a-ha to spread the music around the world. After 250 concerts and two years of touring I took a break from touring while writing the new album. I am currently studying social sciences at the University of Oslo.

Enjoy Moddi – Run To The Water

Set the House on Fire is my second album, although I never really intended to make one. After my first, Floriography, I felt completely drained. More that two hundred and fifty concerts had worn the melodies out. Every day of touring was a routine. I was tired.

I took a break – a long one. Inbetween the trees of Telemark, as far away from both the continent and the salt sea as I could get, I found peace of mind. And with that the music came back again. In the basement of the dorm I found a concrete shower with galactic sound. There I made my first song in over two years. I has to learn how to write again. Slowly, almost unnoticably, the melodies came floating, one by one. I scribbled the pages of my diary black. Every place, every day, every thought got its own song. And the songs kept growing: the last one got finished just the day before recording started.

When we made Floriography everything was planned in detail. This time we had no idea about where we were going. Often we had to start anew, set fire to what we had built. Some songs needed care and silence, some needed play and laughter into the early hours. The band recorded Silhouette on their own – it was’nt even supposed to be on the album – while I was sleeping on the first floor, completely worn out.

From London came Kari Kamrud Jahnsen of Farao to sing on Run to the Water. The other voice (that which is not mine) on Silhouette belongs to Einar Stray. Everywhere producer Hasse Rosbach has scattered the sounds from his magical boxes and thingies. Together with them, and with many more, Set the House on Fire grew to be what it is: an album that first and foremost is about having the courage to find new ways. Thank you for listening!

House By The Sea – official music video