Moddi releases two albums in 1 year

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Moddi releases two albums in 1 year

Moddi reveals he´ll be releasing yet another album in 2013.
It´s been less than six months since the release of Set The House on Fire, and Moddi has been continously touring since. Yet, he has miraculously found the time to write and record another album, coming October 11th this year.
The album is entitled Kæm va du? and is a tribute to his homeplace in the north of Norway, Senja.
The album consists of only Norwegian lyrics, in Moddi´s own perculiar(?) dialect.
Teh album will be out digitally and on CD in Norway, and an exclusive limited edition on vinyl – with a big booklet with Moddis explanations to each song – in English..

Kæm va du? out October 11 2013


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