Selected quotes:

Hanne Hukkelberg – Blood From A Stone @

”Her voice is ethereal, drifting gently over the rock sounds below but in a missed heartbeat she can turn on the dominatrix inside”

Moddi – Rubble EP @

”Musically we are entrusted to stay the long haul, as the bands accompaniment deftly traverses across tense landscapes, rich in beguiling sea shanties, drifting sombre violins, and shuffling sparse drums.”

Team Me – Team Me EP @ NME

“Expect big things from Oslo´s Team Me”

Hanne Hukkelberg – Cast Anchor @

”Her voice comes through with such pristine clarity that if you’re wearing headphones, Cast Anchor may spook you into thinking that she’s sitting, Tinkerbelle-like, on your shoulder, whispering directly into your ear like a mischievous conscience.”

Katzenjammer – Le Pop @

””A thoroughly bloody great album by a band who may well have just signed themselves a deal with the Devil… But one that will make them superstars…
And on the evidence provided, I have to say, its worth it..
Every second of it.

Hanne Hukkelberg – Little Things @ The Wire

”Little Things is rooted in the strength of an extraordinary ordinariness and that’s what makes Hukkelberg’s album so compelling”

Moddi – Floriography @ Aftenposten

“Music that will last a long time and goes straight to your heart (…) One of the warmest and finest albums from the north in many years.”

Hanne Hukkelberg – Rykestrasse 68 @

”Rykestrasse 68′ is a highly indiviualised work that melds that elfin voice and the found sounds that make the non-musical elements of existence yet are wonderfully woven into this tapestry with the hermetic lyricism and hotch potch of instrumentation. A fascinating talent for the experimental ear.”